It is normal for parents to inspire and encourage their children to take up or take part in a new activity. However, in Lindfield the tables have been turned. Shuttlers Badminton Academy launched their weekly badminton coaching sessions for Reception – Year 4 children at the King Edward’s Hall in September and over the pursuing weeks a small group of children have been learning to play the game.

Not to be left out though, the parents of some of the children decided that they wanted to learn how to play badminton and now every week a growing group of Lindfield mums play and receive coaching advice from Shuttlers coaches.

The group are so motivated that when they can’t get courts locally, they organise their day so that they can walk to the Triangle in Burgess Hill! (They do have cars but like most mums they are great at multi-tasking, so why not get some additional fitness in before the session).

At each session the Mums start with a badminton related movement warm up such as ladders (little did the Mums know that moving your feet and arms at the same time through a set of plastic runs was so difficult!) or ‘badminton dance’ (choreographed lunges and movement patterns that simulate the required movement for badminton). They then practice specific badminton skills such as a high serve or overhead clear and finally take their newly learned skills into fun games.

Due to their desire to want to learn, the movement and skill development of the group has been exponential, and they have gone from ‘pit-a-pat’ badminton to playing both doubles and singles matches between themselves. It is hoped in the new year they may be even persuaded to take part in a local tournament where they can show off their badminton skills.

If you are interested in forming your own adult social group, learn badminton and get fit, please contact Jonty at