This group has been set up to allow younger players to further develop their badminton skills and tactics, with the aim to eventual progress them into our top group.

The group priorities learning and developing the basics of badminton as its starting point for any player. Having the fundamentals of:

  • A good split
  • Overhead throwing action
  • Flexible, adjustable grip
  • Short controlled swing from the front
  • Strong balanced lunge

Having these will give each player a base in which develop upon.

A typical session (1 hour) will be something like this:

  • 5 minutes warm up (ladders, badminton specific movement).
  • 40 mins body of work on a key them (for example overhead drop) with around 3 exercise progressions used.
  • 10 mins of matches with input from coaches.

The sessions are run on a Tuesday from 5-6 at Steyning Leisure centre before out elite sessions.
If anyone would be interested in joining please contact me at: