This weekend the Sussex junior restricted was held at Portslade leisure centre. There was some great matches throughout the tournament and all the players should be really proud of themselves. In total academy players won 20 medals, including 6 golds, in the u16 and u18 categories.

u16 men’s singlesĀ 

All 5 boys (Andrew Harrison, Charlie Handel, Dewi Rice, Jerome Brackley and Leon Crayford) go through there boxes and into the knock outs. Charlie Handel and Jerome Brackley subsequently lost to fellow academy players Leon Crayford and Dewi Rice respectively, in high quality games. Dewi Rice made the semi final following the 3 set thriller against his partner Jerome, in which he lost to Andrew Harrison. Andrew Harrison would then go on to beat Leon Crayford, who played superbly to reach the final, to be crowned champion.

Winner – Andrew Harrison

Runner up – Leon Crayford

u16 women’s singles:

All 4 girls (Erin Bradshaw, Millie Gwynn, Mina Myall and Paige Gwynn) reached the semis. Millie and Mina both prevailed in close encounters against Paige and Erin respectively, to leave a repeat of last years u14 womens singles final with Mina against Millie. This year, Mina beat Millie in a high quality final.

Winner – Mina Myall

Runner up – Millie Gywnn

u16 men’s doubles:

Once again all the boys (Andrew Harrison and partner Rowan, Jerome Brackley and Dewi Rice, Charlie Handel and partner Harindu, Leon Crayford and partner Dan) reached the semi finals, this time of the men’s doubles. following which Jerome and Dewi beat Dan and Leon, whilst Andrew and Rowan gained victory over Charlie and Harindu. In the final Andrew and Rowan showed why they were seeded 1 beating Jerome and Dewi who reached the final despite being 2 years young.

Winners – Andrew Harrison and partner Rowan Goff

Runners up – Jerome Brackley and Dewi Rice

u16 women’s doubles:

The women’s doubles was a round robin event, which meant everyone played everyone. In which Erin Bradshaw and Mina Myall won all 3 matches in impressive fashion including victory over Paige and Millie Gwynn, who themselves completed 2 victories.

Winners – Erin Bradshaw and Mina Myall

Runners up – Paige and Millie Gwynn

u16 mixed doubles:

This, again, was a round robin event consisting of 5 pairs (8 of which attend the academy). Following a long and high quality event the eventual winners were Andrew Harrison and Paige Gwynn winning all their matches in straight sets, followed by Millie Gwynn and partner Rowan with 3 wins to their names.

Winners – Andrew Harrison and Paige Gwynn

Runners up – Millie Gwynn and partner Rowan Goff

u18 men’s singles:

We had 2 players enter in the 18s men’s singles which were Cameron Matthews and Henry Wong. Cameron secured a semi final slot before losing to the eventual winner, whilst Henry put in some impressive performances to reach the final before losing to the winner.

Runner up – Henry Wong

u18 women’s singles:

A round robin event in which there were 3 entries, 2 of which attend the academy (Katie Bicknell and Nicole Wood). Katie would go on to be the victor showing her quality without dropping a set, whilst Nicole earned herself a silver.

Winner – Katie Bicknell

Runner up – Nicole Wood

u18 men’s doubles:

Another round robin event which consisted of 4 pairs (1 of which attends the academy: Cameron Matthews and Henry Wong). Cameron and Henry went on to win 2 matches and securing a silver medal, as well as pushing the older winners 15-13 in the 2nd set.

Runners up – Cameron Matthews and Henry Wong

U18 women’s doubles:

We had 1 entry out of the 4 doubles pairs, which was Nicole Wood competing with Megan Baldwin. Nicole and Megan secured easy victory showing their class throughout.

Winners – Nicole Wood and partner Megan Baldwin

u18 mixed doubles:

Nicole wood gained yet another medal and gold in the mixed here with Scott Haysom with a comprehensive 15-7, 15-8 score in the only match in the event.

Winners: Nicole Wood and partner Scott Haysom